Why make a Will

Making a Will is important whether or not you have much property or money because if you die without one, there are certain rules which dictate how your property, money and any children under 18 will be dealt with.  Without a Will these may not be treated the way that you would like.  By making a Will you decide what happens and ensure that your estate is passed on exactly as you wish.

In some cases it is even more important to have a Will, for example:

  • if you have children who are under 18 years of age, you should appoint guardians and trustees to look after them in the event that you die;
  • if you own a property jointly with someone who is not married to you;
  • if you are an unmarried couple and have not registered a civil partnership and you wish to ensure that the death of one partner does not create serious financial problems for the surviving partner;
  • if you separated or divorced you should change your Will;
  • if you divorced but still wish to leave something to your former partner;
  • if you wish to try reducing the amount of any Inheritance Tax that may be payable in respect of your estate.

Michael can introduce you to a local firm of Solicitors in Wimbledon Village to guide and help you to carefully prepare your Will. This will ensure that your family and friends are all clear about what should happen without any problems or lengthy disputes after your death.  With access to email, this can be done fast.  Once you are happy with the final version of your Will, you will receive clear guidand and explanation as to how you should execute your Will to make it valid.